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Greenwald and Hussain on Sam Harris and racism

This April 3 post first appeared on the Secular Alliance at Indiana University blog. I know of no living public intellectual whose views get caricatured and misrepresented quite as routinely as do Sam Harris‘. What’s disheartening isn’t that people disagree with Harris. It’s that they haven’t taken the time to understand what’s there to disagree with! I don’t know whether Harris …

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Why I oppose capital punishment

This post first appeared on the Secular Alliance at Indiana University blog. Why do we punish criminals? We punish as prevention — to keep the criminal from causing further harm, or to deter potential offenders. We punish as rehabilitation — to heal the criminal’s psyche, or to make him a functional member of society. And we punish …

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Why are we so bad at talking to each other?

This is a revised version of a Friendly Atheist post. Whether the secular movement flourishes will depend on how well it can carry on a dialogue with its religious friends and foes. It’s through conversation that we will change our public image, negotiate political gains, and form alliances on specific issues. It’s conversation that will …

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